Testimonial Focus

I wanted a Papillon for years and now I finally have one. I searched and found Papillon House. I called and asked her if they had any puppies. We spoke for about an hour. They wanted to make sure their puppies would be going to a good home. That was the sign of a true and responsible animal lovers. I spoke with a few other breeders and it really didn't seem like it was about the well being of the puppy but more of a transaction. We agreed to meet so I could see their babies.

I saw Jojo and fell in love with her. Little did I know this beautiful little puppy would lighten my life up so much more than I could ever imagine. Jojo is such a wonderful girl. She is sweet and loving but can run and play at the drop of a hat. She is so full of life and keeps us laughing all the time. She plays with her sisters (2 chihuahuas, Molly and Bella and she has a hamster crush. He runs to her whenever he sees her and they sniff noses.) Jo Jo

Jojo has completed her Canine Good Samaritan course and is working on socialization to be a therapy dog. Everywhere she goes she makes people smile. She has become a local celebrity at the local pet store. They love her so much the dog trainer has her hang out with him. She greets customers and helps with transactions. She has to put her sunglasses on to keep from being recognized by the Paparazzi. When we go out in public people recognize her and say; "that is the dog we say at the store. She is so sweet." In the attached picture Jojo is kicking back with us at a local restaurant.

Every time we take her picture she sits perfect, puts her ears up and grins. She loves to have her picture taken. I love Jojo's personality so much, I am considering another Papillon in the near future. I know exactly where I will go for the next one.....Papillon House. Thank you for my sweet little addition to the family. You have such beautiful and well tempered puppies. We love Jojo so much.

Kind regards, ~Tara

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