Griffen and Rowen

Name: Griffen and Rowen

"After months of research on Papillion Breeders, I found Jessica! I was looking for a loving breeder of lemon paps who bred and raised the dogs from home and socialized the puppies with love and care. I got it all. We now have 2 adorable lemon paps from the Papillion House who are the best companions anyone could ask for. They are happy, smart, active, social, healthy and beautiful! We were only looking for one puppy but came home with 2, along with a forever friend in Jessica and her family. ".

~ Heather~


Name: Lilly

    Well, as you know, Lily is almost 1 year old now, and she is absolutely amazing. She is the smartest animal I have EVER seen. You can literally teach her something once or twice, and she will have it down perfectly. We literally taught her to fetch in less than 10 minutes. Her temperament is wonderful – she is gentle, affectionate, and so very sweet-natured. She loves other animals and every human she meets. She is so desperate to please, and will do everything in her power to make sure she does. She is absolutely hilarious and keeps us laughing nonstop. Despite the fact that she was one of your first litters, it is obvious that you got things right from the start. She is perfect evidence of how hard you work at having puppies with wonderful personalities.
   Our vet even commented on how nice it is to see a dog that has both great temperament, and excellent physical health. She is obsessed with her stuffing-less fox and raccoon (the ones she played with as a baby at your house.) She will pick one up, and then the other, and run around the house with both of them hanging out of her mouth; while she’s running, they will be trailing underneath her while she’s running. She also loves to make us rough house with her, and wrap her up inside our quilt.
    In addition to all of these personality traits, she is GORGEOUS. Everywhere she goes, everyone asks what breed she is, and later on the conversation usually turns to where they can get a Papillon of their own. I have recommended you to LOTS of people. As a child, I was never allowed to have a toy-sized dog. My parents couldn’t stand them, and said that “all they do is yip.” Since meeting Lily last November, both of my parents fell MADLY in love with her. Even my father who swore he’d never ever like a toy-sized dog tells everyone he knows how much he loves her.
    I just want to thank you again for giving people so much happiness and love through these dogs. You can’t imagine what Lily means to us, and how much it means to deal with an HONEST breeder who truly cares for her dogs’ well-being and not just “making a buck.” Lily is smart, healthy, beautiful, and good-natured, and she is everything we ever wanted. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

~ Kat and JT~


Name: Chloe

I recently got a puppy from jessica and this puppy has turned out to be a loved and cherished member of our family!!!! Dealing with Jessica was a pleasure and easy!! Chloe is a great doggie and she is very friendly and loving!!



Name: Bella

I am grateful to "The Papillon House" and Jessica for my sweet and loving companion, "Bella"!  She is an extremely intelligent dog in every aspect and commands my attention to keep-up with her lively energy!  Jessica made sure the transition from her house to mine was smooth.  In addition, I was so impressed with the veterinarian care she incorporates into her business that I also continue to use the very same vet.  With full confidence I can recommend "The Papillon House" to anyone who is seeking a beautiful, healthy and happy Papillon!  Just look at her photo and you will see "Bella's" beauty and character began with her breeding!


Little Bella Mia (Biscuit)
Little Bella Mia

Name: Little Bella Mia (Biscuit)

Little Bella Mia the second Papillon we have bought from Jessica--both of them healthy, playful Tri-color pups with beautiful markings.  We looked far and wide before we decided on the right puppy and finally found just what we were looking for when we saw Jessica's puppies! All of her dogs are raised in her home and are cared for like members of the family.  They are well socialized and love to be around people.  They play when you want to play and cuddle when you want to love on them.  My veterinarian has been most impressed with the quality of these dogs.  Jessica is a wonderful person to deal with and we consider her a good friend as well as a reputable Papillon breeder.  She has only Papillons and likes for you to see all of her dogs.  I recommend her for anyone wanting the perfect Papillon!



Name: Lillie

Jessica, I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to have Lillie.. She is so amazing and I believe a lot has to do with the way you have taken such good care of your dogs. She is brilliant, beautiful, and most importantly, loving. I would definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to buy a Papillon. For as long as I have wanted one I am so thankful I made the right choice in you as the breeder for my puppy. She has a clean bill of health, and I expected nothing less when I came to visit the first time. Thank you So Much for our new family member.. Every place we go, people want to know what she is , how old she is, and everything about her .. She is truly a show stopper !

Theresa McCall


Name: Nikka

Nikka (aka Honey) is doing great. Steals the heart of everyone she meets with a unique combination of toy size yet full-sized dog attitude and demeanor. By 10-weeks she sits, shakes, and will go to the back door to ask to be let out to use the bathroom. Almost 12-weeks now with two vet examinations (check up and third vaccination) she’s a picture of health.

Jessica and her family gave us a well-socialized, sweet and energetic addition to our home with whom we are already ridiculously in love.

If you’re looking for a toy-sized cuddler that can still hang with the big dawgs, a papillon is just what you want. And if you’re looking for a papillon, you can’t go wrong with one of Jessica’s pups from The Papillon House.

Matt M.

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