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The Papillon house is currently under-going some Major changes, and would appreciate your understanding during this proccess.

We have a few gorgeous Puppieis left that need new forever homes!

Or let's just say there are only a few chances for one of you to become happy Papillon parents better hurry!

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What you need to Know

The Papillon is known to be one of the oldest dog breeds. The Papillon dates back some 700 years. The Papillon was first Bred in Europe and was known then as the dwarf spaniel. Later, the breed was referred to as the Continental Toy Spaniel. The Papillon is a beautiful little dog. The Papillon is best known for its feather like ears that resemble that of a butterfly. The tail is long and plumed and is carried over the back. The coat of the Papillon is white with patches of color. The nose is well defined and features a white band. The eyes carry a very alert and playful expression and the muzzle is short and pointed.

Papillon's actually rank as one of the top toy breeds in agility competition due to their high intelligence and drive. They have often been called a large dog in a small body. This is funny because they can travel miles on foot with their owners and fly through an agility course with ease and yet refuse to walk in wet grass because they don’t want to get their feet wet in true toy dog style. In order to thrive and become a highly respected member of your family they should be mentally challenged daily with training, tricks etc…A family who enjoys training a dog will be well-rewarded in having a Papillon as they can literally learn most anything you spend the time to teach them.

Is a Papillon a good Fit for you?

The Papillon is called the butterfly dog because the ears look like little butterfly wings. The Papillon is a very friendly little dog that looks for affection. They are very smart and enjoy doing tricks. The Papillon is a gentle dog filled with energy and life. They are known to be steady and silent, but love to be cuddled. They seem to be the perfect mix of confidence and affection.

Growing up:

Papillons are fairly easy to train because of their high level of intelligence and can tolerate older children who understand how to treat the breed. Sometimes the breed has been known to be dog aggressive, but with proper socialization and training this can be avoided. The Papillon is known for its patience with cats especially when raised around them since birth.

The Papillon is a wonderful choice for a family looking for a companion. The breed is very loving, affectionate, smart and, confident as well. They would be well suited for an individual looking for a friend to play with as well as a large family, just as long as the children in the home understand how to treat an animal in the home. The Papillon is a breed that truly can be loved by all young and old.

Before you take your new Papillon Home

Now that you have decided that a Papillon puppy is for you and your family, you must prepare for your new addition. After you bring home a puppy, the first few weeks will require a lot of time and patients. Your puppy will need a lot of attention and care. They will be exploring and will get into mischief. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on everything the puppy does and everywhere they go. You must remember to have some patience and take everything one step at a time. We suggest having a sense of humor when your puppy is naughty, just like a toddler, they will eventually grow out of this stage.

Not only should you puppy proof your house but but there are a few items you will need before bringing your new puppy home. Here are a few things we suggest to have on hand; a wire or plastic dog crate, bedding for the crate that is machine washable and thick enough for your Papillon puppy's comfort, also you will need to pick up dishes one for water and one for dry food, a puppy collar & leash, ID tag with your contact information in case your puppy ever gets loose, a few high quality chew toys, grooming supplies such as a comb or brush, premium dry puppy food, a baby gate for blocking areas that you do not wish for the puppy to go, and information on ways to train your new Papillon puppy.

After a few weeks your Papillon puppies will have a routine and will be acclimated to their new home and environment, ready to share their lives with you and your family!

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